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Let The Holy Ghost Speak

9/9/2018 Rev. Dr. Lloyd A. Hill  Acts 13:1-3 

Testimonies of how God made a way in 2017.

1/1/2018 Father's House Congregation  Psalm 124 

Wyatt Toliver Celebration Of Life Service

4/23/2017 Rev. Dr. Lloyd A. Hill  Ecci 12 

Where Do We Go From Here

2/27/2017 Pastor Matthew J. Watts   

If God Will Be With Me

12/31/2016 Rev. Dr. Lloyd A. Hill  Genesis 28:10- 

How Bad Do You Want It?

7/1/2016 Rev. Dr. Lloyd A. Hill   

We Got A Problem Here

6/29/2016 Rev. Dr. Lloyd A. Hill   

Men's Day 2016

5/24/2016 Pastor Darin Freeman Sr.   

Troy Christian Testimonies


2016 Graduation Service Speaker Clinton Giles

5/15/2016 Principal Clinton Giles   

Ordination Service

4/17/2016 Rev. Carolyn Walker   

Don't Worry God's Got It!

7/20/2014 Minister Aaron Clark   

I Sing Because I'm Happy

3/9/2014 Rev. James D. Ealy   

Black History Service (Pastor Michael Poke)