Ministry Teams

Sunday School Department
 Led By: Dr. Ricardo Flippin/Albro Alexander

1. Why you (Adults) should attend Sunday School!

a. That you may learn how to live the life God would have you to live.
b. That you (By the life you live) can be the Godly example to your children.
c. The blessing of God is upon the house where He is present.

2. Why your children should attend Sunday School.

a. Our children are given to us by God with a responsibility to correctly train them in "The Way" they should go. Sunday School is a tool to work alongside the parents to reinforce Godly training already being learned at home.

b. Children who faithfully attend Sunday School, develop principles and values that better prepare them to navigate through the difficult challenges of which the world will surely present to them.

c. In order to give them opportunity to learn about God for themselves whereby building a solid foundation of belief that will carry them throughout their lives.