The Father's House is a congregation called out and set apart by God to do a New work! For a New day!

After serving 13 1/2 years as Senior Pastor of the Liberty Missionary Baptist Church Of Charleston, WV.  God spoke to Pastor Hill while on vacation in New Orleans and said as He did to Abraham (If You Come Out, I'll Bless You)

Knowing that this was the voice of The Lord, Pastor Hill shared with his wife that God had told him that upon his return from vacation he was to notify the church that at the direction of The Lord he would be leaving in thirty days.  After notifying the church Pastor Hill set in motion his departure not knowing fully where the Lord was taking him, but yet certain he had heard from God.

At the end of the thirty days God directed Pastor & First Lady Hill to begin a bible study in the living room of their home, which quickly grew into a fellowship of believers who simply wanted to serve God.  This fellowship grew and moved to having weekly service at the North Charleston Recreation Center.

Soon there was a congregation in the area who had bought a new building and was looking to sell their present site. To their peril the only buyer was the local electric company whose only interest was to tear the church down to extend their parking area.  Hearing this Pastor Hill approached them without any funds whatsoever to purchase such a property, but believing that this is what God had destined for the site of his new ministry.  This congregation was so pleased that someone not only wanted to purchase the church, but also continue to use it as a house of worship that they committed on the spot to work with Pastor Hill, to see it come to pass.

Time will not allow me to tell of all the mountains God moved as well as the hearts He touched to provide those things necessary in order for this to be done. God moved on the hearts of Bankers, Lawyers, Friends as well as strangers. And when it was all said and done, on October 1, 2009 The congregation of The Father's House who began when God spoke to Pastor Hill and told him that If he would come out from where he was, and move into the place He would lead him to, held their first service in their new edifice given to them by God.

We believe that we have been called by God to bring the Kingdom of God to this community, and we are ready and willing to do this with all our might in gratitude for all The Lord Has done for us.  Oh Bless His Name!